Terms of use.

1. Eligibility

1.1 Only people who have reached the legal age and have not previously been limited in its use can use the service.
1.2 To use the service on behalf of legal entities, a prerequisite is registration in full compliance with applicable law.
1.3 The contract is concluded between the Internet service for the exchange of title units, hereinafter referred to as the Service, on the one hand, and the User, represented by the one who used the services of the Service, on the other hand.

2. General provisions

2.1 The CashFlow Service may be used solely for personal purposes. It is forbidden to register more than one account or try to access the accounts of other users.
2.2 Service employees, at the request of the payment aggregator, have the right to request information confirming your identity during transactions (passport photo, card, etc.). If desired, the data can be transferred through the cashflow.best service or transferred directly to the financial institution that requested it.
2.3 The Service has the right to temporarily block any operation or account if the user's actions are suspected of fraud, until the circumstances are clarified or the user's identity is verified. The service guarantees a refund (minus the transfer fee) for any outcome of the proceedings, except for the case of the complete execution of the exchange of user funds.
2.4 The user hereby agrees to keep his account information confidential and not to share his password, login, all transaction data, etc. with anyone.
2.5 The user is obliged to inform the administration about the change of phone number and email address to ensure the security of the account.
2.6 By registering for the service, you agree that you will not use CashFlow to carry out illegal activities.

3. Optional

3.1 When creating an exchange request, the exchange rate is fixed, provided that the payment was made within 60 minutes. After this time, the application is automatically cancelled.
3.2 In order to cancel the application after its payment, it is necessary to inform technical support about your desire. In this case, the service commission + exchange rate difference will be withheld.
3.3 The provision of exchange services is carried out in full compliance with the law in the jurisdiction of the territory in which the exchange is made.
3.4 The application is paid only through the payment form on the site. Other options are excluded.
3.5 Funds are credited to the bank account within 5 business days, depending on the chosen exchange method. But, most often, the transfer of funds occurs instantly.
3.6 Tariffs are placed on the main page of the service and can be changed at the request of the service management.
3.7 The Customer undertakes to comply with the norms corresponding to the law, as well as not to falsify communication flows and not create obstacles for the normal operation of the Service program code.
3.8 The Service is not responsible for the damage and consequences of an erroneous transfer of electronic currency in the event that the Customer indicated incorrect details when submitting an application.
3.9 If the Service's account receives an amount that differs from that specified in the application, the Service recalculates at the rate specified in the application, if the amount exceeds more than 15%, the Service has the right to refuse to execute the application, and the funds on the application will be returned to the User's details minus the fees of payment aggregators.
3.10 The service fixes the rate at the time of confirmation in the cryptocurrency network.
3 .11 In case of a sharp change in the exchange rate by more than 3% downwards, the administration of Cashflow.best undertakes to inform the client, and in case of his disagreement, return the funds to the sender's account minus sending fees.

4. Guarantees and liability of the parties

4.1 CashFlow Service is responsible for the execution of the application in full.
4.2 The service provides only exchange services. Payment for goods or services through the service is excluded.
4.3 The administration of the service is not responsible for the loss of funds in the event of illegal actions of third parties.
4.4 The administration of the service is not responsible in case of cancellation or delay in the execution of the application, if there was any error on the part of the payment system or the bank.
4.5 The Service is not responsible for non-compliance with all of the above rules if there were force majeure situations that could not be prevented or corrected by reasonable measures.
4.6 The Service gives a guarantee for the fulfillment of its obligations within 24 hours, provided that other terms are not specified.

5. User responsibility

5.1 The user is obliged to provide reliable personal data at the time of registration. Otherwise, the administration of the service is not responsible for the financial losses incurred by the user as a result of providing false information.
5.2 By registering on the service, the user confirms that:
   Provided true information.
   Does not participate in illegal operations, including money laundering.
   His income does not violate the rules of the country in which he is located.
   Will not disrupt the service in any way.

5.3 The user is aware that the CashFlow service is not a financial advisor and the administration's advice is only advisory in nature.
5.4. The user is not responsible for compliance with any of the above rules if their violation was dictated by force majeure or force majeure circumstances.
5.5 In all other cases, violations by the user will be considered in accordance with the laws of the country in which the user is located.

6. General regulations.

6.1. The average execution time for most applications is up to 30 minutes.
6.2 Cash requests may take up to 48 hours to complete.
 7. Disclaimer.

7.1 The Service has the right to refuse to conclude an agreement and execute an application, and without explanation. This paragraph applies to any client.

List of terms:

1. Exchange of title units - automated Internet service product provided by the Service on the basis of these rules.

2. User - an individual who agrees with the terms and conditions of the Service and this agreement, to which it is attached.

3. The title character is a conventional unit of one or another payment system that corresponds to the calculations electronic systems and indicates the scope of the rights corresponding agreement of the electronic payment system and its Customer.

4. Application - information provided by the User to use the means of the Service in electronic form and indicating that he accepts terms of use of the service offered service in this application.

5. CashFlow service is a trademark and commercial designation of the system for providing Internet services for the exchange of electronic currencies.

Profitable exchanges for you, with respect, the CashFlow team!